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Spanish ham Jamon Duroc in gift box

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Andrés Izquierdo

The Izquierdo family has been involved in the craft of ham drying since 1989, when grandfather Argimiro built his first ham drying house in Cedrillas, Teruel.

Step by step care
At Andrés Izquierdo, every step in the ham maturing process is given due importance: from the choice of the best raw materials to the selection, piece by piece.

Origin: Cedrillas - Teruel

Located at an altitude of 1360 meters, in the province of Teruel, the dry and cold climate makes Cedrillas "the village of ham".

The snowy winters, the green springs and the short summers... All this is part of the character of the ham.

Jamon (gammon) & Paleta (shoulder ham)

Jamon JA Esencia

The vagaries of time shape the taste, the temperament of the Duroc breed outlines its personality. Hams selected one by one, with more than 22 months of maturation, that summarize the essence of Andres Izquierdo's work.

Maturation time: 22+ months
Breed: Duroc crossbreed
Nutrition: natural food made from
top quality grain.

Paleta JA Esencia

JA shoulder hams are chosen and valued for their aroma and deep flavor. They are pieces weighing between 4 and 5 kg. weigh and have been aged for at least 10 months.

Our Jamones normally weigh between 8 and 8.5 kg and a Paleta usually weighs between 5 and 5.5 kg. If you only eat a plate of Iberico ham with 1 or 2 people every now and then, it is advisable to choose a Paleta. To preserve the best quality, you want to use up the Jamon or Paleta within 3 weeks after cutting.

Ripening and drying times

Jamón (gammon): 22+ months
Paleta (shoulder ham): 10+ months

Use and store

You will receive the iberico ham in a stylish cover from Ibéricos Guillén. Preferably, you remove the ham from the cover and place it on the ham holder, so that it can 'breathe' properly.

Preferably store in a dry, cool and dark place.

Gradually lay out after cutting. Cover the cut part with loose pieces of fat and cover it with a tea towel or the supplied cover.


Pure ham, salt, dextrose, antioxidants (E-331) and preservatives (E-252; E-250).

Combine with:

Arcos Flexible Ham Knife 240mm

Arcos Flexible Ham Knife 240mm

Picos with extra virgin olive oil 125gr

Picos with extra virgin olive oil 125gr

Chorizo ​​Bellota Iberico 100 grams

Chorizo ​​Bellota Iberico 100 grams

Picos Rustico with extra virgin olive oil 140 grams

Picos Rustico with extra virgin olive oil 140 grams

Spanish green olives Campo Real La Chinata 325 grams

Spanish green olives Campo Real La Chinata 325 grams

Canned Spanish Olive Oil La Chinata

Canned Spanish Olive Oil La Chinata

Lomo Premium Andres Iqzuierdo 100 gr.

Lomo Premium Andres Iqzuierdo 100 gr.

Aioli with smoked olive oil Finca La Barca 120 ml

Aioli with smoked olive oil Finca La Barca 120 ml

Discover the exceptional taste of our Paleta JA Esencia, a true delicacy carefully selected and valued for its refined aroma and deep, rich taste. Each shoulder ham weighs more than four kilos and is aged for a minimum of 10 months to achieve the perfect texture and taste.


Paleta 4 - 4.5 kg: Minimum 10 months
Jamon 7.5 - 9.5 kg: Minimum 22 months

Genetics: Duroc crossing for a balanced and full taste
Nutrition: High-quality natural grains of the best quality

This Spanish ham is a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship, ideal for the true gourmet. Perfect for special occasions or to enjoy during a delicious drink. Order today and taste the essence of Spanish craftsmanship.

This ham is the ultimate choice for gourmets, far above the standard Spanish ham you find in supermarkets and wholesalers. Discover the true essence of Spanish ham for yourself and taste the difference with our carefully selected and lovingly prepared products.

Optional: ham holder and/or knife

Complete your experience by ordering your Spanish ham with a ham holder and knife. Our basic ham holder and knife are perfect for occasional use. If you plan to enjoy Spanish ham more often and cut it yourself, we recommend purchasing one of our quality knives or premium ham holders. These provide a better cutting experience and are designed for long-term use.

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Harold Schippers


Tim Pappot
Goede ham, fantastisch lekker

Wat de titel al zegt. De ham was fantastisch. Heb speciaal geleerd om ham te snijden speciaal hiervoor.

Myriam De vylder
Zeer zeer lekker

Bestel ik zeker nog terug

joseph de meersman

super content

William Jansen

Wat een heerlijk ham

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